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Palm Oil Free Irish Soap 3 Pack

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Palm Oil Free Irish Soap 3 Pack


Palm Oil Free Irish Soap 3 Pack

Palm Oil Free Irish Soap 3 Pack

The Palm Oil Free Irish Soap 3 pack are beautiful Handmade Irish Soaps. A Beautiful Presentation Pack Of 3 Mixed Soaps, Pick From Our Selection Of 6 Varieties In Any Combination. An Ideal Christmas Gift Or Stocking Filler.

Palm Oil Free Irish Soap 3 Pack

Based on the beautiful shores of scenic Lough Derg in East Clare, Palm Free Irish Soap was born out of the first handmade Irish soap company (Gallunac est’d in 1996) to exhibit, produce and sell Nationally & Internationally, A Luxurious Handcrafted Artisan Soap.

Palm Oil Free Irish Soap 3 Pack Background

We are now at the leading edge of producing a visually stunning palm oil free soap that is totally Rainforest Friendly. We are of the opinion that using palm oil, even from so called sustainable sources, can still have a harmful and long lasting effect on the environment, with the expansive clearing of swathes of untouched rainforests affecting the habitats of the wildlife such as the Orang-utan and the critically endangered Sumatran Tiger. 

Palm Oil Free Irish Soap 3 Pack

Indulge yourself with our exquisite range of 6 visually stunning soaps, which will grace any bathroom. All are lovingly Handcrafted using our tried and tested “Cold Process” method. These beautifully scented bars of goodness contain pure filtered crystal clear Irish rainwater (no shortage of that), nourished with lashings of skin loving natural Oils & Butters such as, Cocoa & Shea Butter, Coconut, Olive and Carrot Infused Sunflower Oil, with only the finest quality Pure Essential Oils to add their lingering scent, with the addition of exciting Botanicals and Minerals, we create a Pure and Natural Soap that will gently cleanse, moisturise and perfume your skin. .Although using these ingredients makes our production more costly, it does give us a peace of mind and we hope to contribute in a small way to help conserve the beautiful Rainforests.

Palm Oil Free Irish Soap 3 Pack are 100% Vegan

We are proud that four of our “Cold Process” soaps are 100% VEGAN with our two NEW additions being 100% VEGETARIAN. All are being continually batch tested & certified to the new EU industry standard for handmade soaps.

Palm Oil Free Irish Soap 3 Pack uses Minimal Packaging

We use minimal packaging, all soaps are sold in a simple recyclable brown paper bag, (apart from our new Artisan Gift Pack, which is a simple recycled card box) and we ensure that all of our ingredients and products are completely GMO Free, and naturally enough, Free from any form of Animal Testing. All soaps are genuinely handmade, they are mixed, poured, cut & individually stamped by hand and are very modestly pricedBeing a Natural Product, our Palm Oil Free Irish Soap 3 Pack Soaps DO NOT CONTAIN any artificial fragrances or preservatives, they are Subtly Scented and preserved only by their pure Essential Oils and Vitamins A, C & E.

“We Think That Beauty Shouldn’t Cost the Earth”.

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