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Irish Post Box

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Irish Post Box


Irish Post Box


Irish Post Box

The Irish Post Box is a stunning replica of the Irish Post Box with exterior paint. It is the perfect quircky addition to any fower bed.  It can also be used as retro money box.

Dimensions of 450mm x 180mm

Irish Post Box

The iconic green post box is a familiar sight on city streets or country roads throughout Ireland. Introduced well over 150 years ago by the novelist, Anthony Trollope, who worked for the Post Office in Ireland for several years, the letter box is an instantly recognized symbol of the Post Office. The intention was to make it easier for people to post their letters and make it unnecessary for them to have to wait for a post office to open. Like the Old Irish Telefón Box , the post box holds a special place in Irish people’s hearts . Apart from their decorative and utilitarian qualities, Irish post boxes have symbolic value too.

Before Irish independence post boxes were red but one of the first acts of the new Irish Government was to order that green would be the new colour for Post Office letter boxes. Sometimes a bit of red paint still shows through!  The symbols of our past – in the form of crowns and royal insignia – take their place alongside the signs of independence – Saorstát Eireann, P&T (which can also be found on The Old Irish Telefón box) and, of course, An Post.  Because the Old Irish Telefón Box and the Post box are so closely linked with one another, the masters at Burke  Joinery have decided to recreate replicas of the Post boxes .

The Irish Post Box from Quick Trolley.


Super Cool, have mine in my garden in france. looks fab and super fast delivery!!
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